NNAAC Members in the News

To our current members: In our tenth year now, the National Network for Arab American Communities (NNAAC) has 23 members from 11 different states. With so many organizations represented throughout our Network, there’s bound to be something to talk about!

Whether you’re recapping a recent event, promoting one of your programs, announcing the receipt of a grant, welcoming new staff or sharing a story of inspiration, we want to highlight your organization’s efforts to publicize with the rest of the Network.

You may email your news updates and links to press coverage to dhussein@accesscommunity.org. We highly recommend that you include high resolution images (JPEG files between 500K to 2MB in size) to accompany your submissions. Please remember to include contact information in case we need to follow-up with questions or for more information!

See the following articles featuring NNAAC members:


Al-Bustan Awarded Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art Grant (Jan. 2014)

Chicago Youth Say No More Racial Profiling 8-16-13

Video: Brooklyn’s Arab-Americans getting out the vote, 11-10-12

Video by Time.com on work in NYC’s largest Arab American community w/ NNAAC’s Advocacy Director, 11-7-12

Have You Voted Yet? Get Out the Immigrant Vote!!, 11-6-12

Arab American Family Services in Chicago works with ICIRR in Chicago, 11-6-12

First time Arab American voters find issues at the polls, 11-6-12

Groups Say Let Displaced Voters Use Affidavit Ballots, 11-5-12

Arab Americans Set to Play Key Roles in US Election, 11-5-12

Arab-Americans Set to Play Key Role in US Election, 11-4-12

Election Protection Letter, 11-3-12

Yallah! Make Your Arab American Vote Count, Especially in Florida!, 11-2-12

An oped by leader at NNAAC member organization in Orlando, Fl, 11-2-12

Disparate immigrant groups united in get-out-the-vote efforts, 10-31-12

Article about a Candidate Forum in Brooklyn, NY hosted by NNAAC member organizations Arab American Association of New York and Arab American Family Support Center, 10-24-12

NY Muslims Grill Candidates for Votes, 10-24-12

Arabic Film Series at Flint Institute of Arts seeks to bring laughs and insight to community, 10-24-12

AAI Hosts Houston Town Hall on Israel/Palestine, 10-24-12

Local Immigration Workshops Geared Towards Assisting Underserved, 10-22-12

Youtube bi-lingual video created by Somali Action Alliance Education Fund, 10-22-12

Brooklyn candidates debate on local issues, 10-22-12

Brooklyn, NY – Marty Golden Now Says He Opposes NYPD’s Spying, 10-20-12

CPR Members Testify at City Hall in Support of the Community Safety Act, 10-20-12

Veterans Day Dinner On Behalf Of Arab American Family Services, 10-19-12

Arab Film Festival | San Diego Reader, 10-17-12

Breen takes leading role with Arab-American Bar Association, 10-14-12

Voices of NY » Arab American Association of New York, 10-14-12

Affleck! Psychopaths! Lithuanian hoops! Yep, more new movies, 10-12-12

USCIS Announces Fiscal Year 2012 Citizenship and Integration Grant, 9-24-12

Youngstown’s 1st Arab-American festival offered, 9-22-12

Arab America – News – East Bay Arab Center Opens its Doors to All, 9-21-12

Can Twitter Be Used to Fight Islamophobia? | Religion Dispatches, 9-21-12

Civil rights group condemn anti-Muslim New York subway ads, 9-20-12

Independent Curators International – Deena Chalabi, 9-20-12

Four Films to Represent Morocco in the Arab Film Festival in Malmo, 9-18-12

Sacred Music Festival: Exploring Sufi Traditions, 9-16-12

DC Comics’ Geoff Johns discusses new Arab American “Green Lantern” during visit to Dearborn, 9-14-12

Meet the new Green Lantern: A Muslim Arab American – New York , 9-14-12

Flint Arab-American group receives grant for staff salaries, 9-12-12

Latin Arab International Film Festival | Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, 9-12-12

Obama pals protest US aid to Israel, 9-11-12

Arab American Assn of NY Gets CAPP Grant, 9-11-12

Bridgeview Multi-Cultural Fair, 9-8-12

DC Comics gets it’s first American-Muslim superhero Simon Baz, 9-7-12

Jusoor brings the global Syrian community together, 9-6-12

Deepa Kumar’s new book on Islamophobia to be launched in New York, 9-6-12

The eternal darkness, Malmo Arab Film Festival, 9-4-12

A video about voter registration by AAANY youth in Brooklyn, 9-3-12

A coming of age for Arab Americans in the 2012 election, 9-2-12

Census taps nonprofit director as ethnic adviser, 8-23-12

Bay Ridge Arab-American Activist Appointed To Community Board, 6-27-12

Yahoo News | Police pseudoscience and the ‘War on Terror’, 6-21-12

The Real Women of Bay Ridge: Arab-American Civic Leader Loves Helping People in Need
, 6-8-2012

Arab American Action Network: Smorgasbord of Cultural Dance Delights Descends Downtown, 5-5-12

Somali Community Services : Somali seniors gather for education, exercise, 4-28-12

Arab American Institute: 2012 Kahlil Gibran Awards: Profiles in Humanity, 4-19-2012

Global Atlanta: Atlanta Arab Festival Expects to Draw More Than 2500, 4-19-12

Arab American Association of New York: Reproductive Rights Forum Offers Hint Of Campaign To Come, 4-24-12

Leaders demand answers from NYPD about spying on Muslims, 3-19-12

IIE’s Emergency Student Fund to Assist Syrian Students Enrolled in U.S. Universities, 3-19-12

Arabs, Muslims and the 2012 election forum at UCF on March 18, 3-15-12

DREAM fellowship comes to New York City, 3-12-12

The Paramus Post: NYPD Continues To Meet With Hand-Selected Individuals, Exclude Critics
, 3-9-12

WBUR Boston: Ethnic Mapping: Prophylactic or offensive?, 3-8-12

Illegal Alien Supporters Bash Romney; Law Enforcement Advocates Applaud Him, 3-7-12

American Muslim Leaders Support NYPD Press Conference is opposed by Linda Sarsour, 3-5-12

Arab American Institute Foundation: How Metro Detroit Is Helping To Rebuild Iraq, 3-1-12

Immigrant DREAMer: our struggles intersect, 3-1-12

NY Times: Spare Times for March 2-8, 3-1-12

San Francisco Film Society Announces Spring 2012 Artist in Residence Program with Iraqi Filmmaker Oday Rasheed
, 2-28-12

The Jew Who Leads the Brooklyn Arabs, 1-27-12

Anaheim’s Access Celebrates its Work in the Arab/Muslim Community , 1-26-12

Muslim NYers call for police commissioner’s resignation, 1-26-12

Mayor defends Kelly but says anti-Muslim film caused damage, 1-26-12

Alwan for the Arts: Bates Downtown continues with Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble
, 1-23-12

Union Square Awards – financial boost to nonprofits – to shut down, 1-23-12

Lena Alhusseini Champions Women and Children’s Rights, 1-23-12

Saturday Arabic and Arts Program | Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, 1-23-12

Union Square Awards – financial boost to nonprofits – to shut down, 1-23-12

Saturday Arabic and Arts Program | Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, 1-23-12

KUOW-NPR: Little Mogadishu, 1-17-12

Kayla Santosuosso: The Engager, 12-15-11

No Shows: Why Egyptian-Americans Are Failing to Vote , 12-7-11

Bensonhurst Bean:  Gentile Partners With Italian FoundationTo Fight Cancer , 12-5-11

NY TIMES: “When Will We Stop the Scapegoating of Muslims in America?”, 12-6-11

Community Partner Highlight: Arab American Family Services, 11-17-11

At Sea in America: Arab Immigrants May Lose Key Services, 10-31-11

Addressing the Needs of Domestic Violence Victims in the Context of Culture, Tradition, and Religion, 10-26-11

Spirit of “Moving Forward” Pervades Arab American Celebration 10-28-11

Governor Snyder Honors Michigan Volunteers at Celebration in Detroit, 10-24-11

Executive Director, Lena Alhusseini, Selected as a White House Champion of Change, 10-18-11

Arab American Community See Positive Changes Since 9/11, But Discrimination Persists, 9-11-11

Detention Program Still Afflicts Bay Ridge’s Arabs and Muslims, 9-5-11

Living with 9-11: The Muslim American, 9-5-11

Arab American Pushes for Change After 9-11 Discrimination, 8-30-11

Sarsour: Screening of Islamophobic Film To Police Officers Part Of A “Larger Pattern Of Religious and Ethnic Bias”, 1-27-12

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Urged to Resign After Police Conceal Role in Anti-Muslim Documentary, 1-27-12

Anaheim’s Access Celebrates its Work in the Arab/Muslim Community , 1-26-12

Union Square Awards – financial boost to nonprofits – to shut down, 1-23-12

Saturday Arabic and Arts Program | Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, 1-23-12

KUOW-NPR: Little Mogadishu, 1-17-12

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